Saturday, 19 January 2013

snow day...

The narrow roads were icy, the school was closed and it wasn't long until the main road was shut, with only a few 4x4 drivers braving the treacherous lanes.

the treehouse looked like an alpine lodge!

We journeyed on foot up the hill, pulling the sledge and pushing the baby in the pushchair!

We sledged and caught little star shaped snowflakes on our hat!


  1. Oh look at that! How special. Wasn't it a brilliantl day. Love that snowy village street.x

  2. Wasn't it amazing. I can't believe you pushed the buggy too - that's dedication. I was looking everywhere for a 'proper' snowflake, but the Bristol was a bit too sludgy. Love the snow angel.

  3. You have a treehouse!? How fab is that? Beautiful pictures and very special snowflakes in your parts! ;)

  4. Happy snow day. Your village is lovely and the snow makes it extra special.

  5. It looks blissful! wrap yourself in wollen goodies and enjoy the snow. - Annie


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