Thursday, 6 December 2012

gingerbread houses...

My friend Jenny and I ran a gingerbread house workshop for families on Sunday. It was great fun, and as always, I completely underestimated the amount of work that goes into the preparation. Firstly we had to find the best recipe, one that tasted nice, wouldn't rise too much when baking, not too gingery and hard enough not to fall apart in construction. Then we had to design the best size house and make a template, not too big so that scaffolding is needed and it also needed to be able to be transported from the Art Centre to home. There were 64 individual gingerbread house pieces to bake!

Finally, after lots of different practice houses we ended up designing our own recipe and settled on a reasonably sized house, approx. 15cm width by 15cm height. We used boiled sweet for the windows, to give them a stained glass effect and even bought mini fairy lights to put inside to make the windows glow!

The workshop was fantastic with lots of hands on children, mums and dads decorating their houses and getting to grips with icing and piping bags. It was also lovely to meet fellow bloggers Natalie and Laura and their very gorgeous families in person. Some sweets were used for decoration, and some ended up being enjoyed under the table! We have another one to do next week too, and there was a waiting list for both events. So if you were someone who missed out we have put our heads together and have designed a simple PDF of the recipe, instructions and template. I'm selling the PDF in my etsy store for just 99p and I will send it through by email - simple!


  1. HI,

    Just bought your PDF - I'll have a go, nothing ventured, nothing gained, wish me luck!

    1. Thank you & good luck Maura, please send a pic of your completed house when you're finished too! Emma x

  2. Oh my, you're passing your gingerbread house making craziness on to me. I've just hopped over to Etsy and bought your template for when we go away to Dorset for a week from the 21st. I'll let you know how I get on. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too, it was very sweet and made me happy!

  3. I'm expecting great things Catherine, especially after seeing your advent calendar that is the best thing ever! X


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