Friday, 3 August 2012

how to have a beach barbecue...

Food tastes better outside, and there is nothing better than an impromptu beach barbecue, especially on cold windy days!

We buy two small disposable barbecues, light one and when it's going really well, we pour the contents of the second onto it, to get a hotter fire that lasts for longer. The boys are experts in finding great big rocks to act as windbreaks and sticks to hang the hot chocolate kettle on. I prepare all the food before hand, seasoning and coating with oil, so that less rubbish is taken to the beach and also the food can then be cooked quickly for hungry boys, who can't entertain the concept of waiting for the flames to go down!

We try and buy local food too, there are always plenty of roadside honesty shops to choose from, such as the one below in Cornwall, selling delicious new potatoes and courgettes.

A typical beach barbecue menu: 

bacon wrapped asparagus
courgette sliced lengthways  
baby corn and green beans - delicious on a barbecue
Burgers or Sausages in baps - the boys favourite! 
Feta stuffed tomato or peppers
cous cous salad
grilled peaches drizzled with honey

we would cook damper bread, but you need a much hotter fire than that from a disposable BBQ!

All washed down with huge enamel mugfuls of hot chocolate!

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  1. omg! I've written the exact same post earlier today! Nice menu tho... might have to use some of those! xx


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