Monday, 30 July 2012

summer reading: james and the giant peach...

Storytelling with props. We're enjoying reading Roald Dahl stories at the moment, I gave this book to my six year old with a pack of insects and some peaches for his birthday! 

We are taking part in our local library summer reading challenge, which is great as my eldest isn't the most confident of readers, so the more practice the better. I am trying to do a few activities around the books we are reading to make it fun and to help the boys understand more about how it was written. Today we chose the main characters, the Old Green Grasshopper, Miss Spider and the Centipede and found them in daddy's wildlife identification books. We decided which species they were, based on the language that Roald Dahl used to describe his characters.  

Then we got crafty and photocopied the insects to make them bigger and then used them as templates to cut around, to make shadow puppets and ate the peaches as our mid morning snack.

The idea is to mount these species on sticks to perform a shadow play by torchlight. But after a few hours the sun came out, the baby woke and the boys wanted to go outside to play, so we'll have to finish another day! 


  1. What a lovely idea! We listened to this in the car over the past few days, it's not my favourite Dahl story but my boys adore it. The weather is really playing 'dare' with us at the moment, plans can't be made until we know if the elusive big shiny thing is going to come out and play or not.

  2. Such a sweet and thoughtful present. My 5 year old is obsessed with books and we've just ploughed through the Faraway Tree series. Think it might be time for Dahl...


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