Friday, 23 January 2009

tone of voice...

I am laying low at the moment trying to get the bulk of a website project completed. It's a difficult one and I am weary, a mixture of writing and editing and a large dose of technical instruction. It's also very overdue, not mainly due to me, may I add, but many different things that happen that make you think someone is conspiring against you not to make this project happen!

I have been stuggling to find the balance on the new website and 'tone of voice' and undertook a lot of research to understand who my audience was. So it is only natural for me to wonder who reads my blog, after all it is something that has evolved, from one or two random postings to regular postings that now attract comments. I love meeting new people through the blog and then linking through and reading theirs, marvelling how we are all the same, whatever side of the world we live on.

When I found the 'polling' option, I was delighted, being in marketing I love things like that! So I urge you to vote or leave a comment below and tell me where you live and I promise I won't change my 'voice' and start calling trousers 'pants' or anything like that!


  1. hi, emma. i've been reading for a few months, but don't know if i've delurked yet, so here i am. Jill

  2. I am pretty sure I've left one or two comments, but just in case, and since I've been lazy about it recently while also reading your blog more frequently... Can't wait to catch up to the place you are with your boys (mine is younger so we're getting into things on a different level at present). I love the perspectives and ideas I find here. Thanks for sharing. I'm from the USA. Looking forward to hearing more about your other website.

    Love your photographs. :)

  3. Emma, I've been thinking about this too! So interesting, isn't it? And I've found that it's been such a challenge to find my "voice." I love yours- that's why I keep coming back :)

  4. Hi Jilly, nice to meet you, love your blog.

    Shelley - yes thank you for your comments before, it looks like you have the same adventures with your son after reading your blog - mine too ask for 'coffee'! Although they have discovered 'babychino's' milk with a sprinkling of choc powder - which is better when out and about!

    Hi Kyrie, love your blog and flickr photo's too, look forward to reading more...

    nice to meet you all, Emma x

  5. Love your makes life/motherhood seem so dreamy and peaceful...very inspiring (I'm in the US...but please keep saying "trousers' or "treacle" or whatever).

  6. Hi Andrea, thanks for stopping by ;0) is there a US word for treacle? Emma x

  7. I visit sometimes too... when my 2.5 yo is occupied for more than 3 minutes!

    I live in Australia. x


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