Tuesday, 5 August 2008

he led me by the hand...

down a lane, past the cottage where we used to live and into the most beautiful orchard. Our old cottage overlooked this orchard and I would daydream into it, thinking how I would like to sneak over the wall and have a secret picnic right in the middle! He knew all about my daydreams and hidden in the middle of the orchard was a table and chairs, music playing and tealights hanging from all the branches in jam jars. It was the most beautiful scene, with the light fading into the evening and crickets and owls joining in with the music. He had arranged food and drink under the stars for just us!

The owners of the orchard that had kindly lent him the 'sail' and the orchard and had also made a strawberry pavlova for us, which was amazingly kind and very delicious. They had also taken the sheep out too!

How lucky I am to have a man like this, to create a little bit of magic on a very enchanted evening...


  1. Congratulations on your wedding day, lucky girl!

  2. That's sooo very sweet and romantic!! We celebrated our 6th 2 days ago (not so romantic as yours, but still very good!)

  3. that is so romantic and wonderful! I am swooning here! ah! Congrats!

  4. how sweet and wonderful. happy anniversary!

  5. this is so beautiful, romantic and sweet. You two seem to have the best adventures together.

  6. that is so cool!
    what a great anniversary surprise.


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