Sunday, 25 May 2008

we courted here

we courted here, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

paddling in rivers and streams, lying in long grass and talking for hours and hours and hours...

about what? I don't remember... just enjoying spending time with someone who just wanted to spend time with me...

sometimes the routines of daily life make you forget the spontaneous creatures you once were, but the spontaneous creatures that we were, just wanted to nest... together!

we now share our meadows with our children, and to them there was no 'before' they came along, for in the mind of a 'reasoning' four year old, he was 'always in mummy's tummy', just waiting for me to find the perfect daddy!

1 comment:

  1. That is one of the sweetest comments! On the weekend we were all driving somewhere and stopped at the lights near a bridal shop. Ella (4 1/2) and I were discussing which dress we liked best. After choosing she said to us both "mummy I wish you hadn't already married daddy" briefest of pauses "not because she doesn't love you daddy, but because I couldn't be there". So sweet.


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