Tuesday, 1 March 2016


March, somewhat predictably like the proverb, came in like a lion this morning with rain and cold wind. My mood is equally blustery but I'm extremely grateful for all the lovely comments on my last post, which has made me feel heaps better.

This weekend we spent time with good friends, on Saturday catching up over pots of tea and the children's noise and on Sunday pushing the tables together and trying to find enough chairs as two families of five crammed together to share a big homemade pie. These are my favourite times, simple meals, noisy children and good home-cooked food and despite never wanting to invite people around to see my muddle of a home, when I do it is medicine for the soul and I never want them to go home.

It reminds me that I had wanted a while back to cook a series of seasonal suppers using foraged and seasonal fayre each month and I must plan this so I have more good times to look forward to.


  1. I love this post. It is so lovely to celebrate the joy that friends and family bring to our lives, and to keep perspective in the ups and downs of life.

  2. It has come in like a lion hasn't it. We had snow today, lots of it and a bitter cold wind to accompany it. I love sharing food with friends it's a great way to spend time. I would love to read about suppers of seasonal and foraged food. I do a bit of foraging but have reached my limit with the plants I recognise!


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