Sunday, 10 January 2016


Here's our first wild discoveries for our new nature table project, snowdrops flowering already in the garden and lichen pom poms on deadwood branches in the woodpile. We haven't ventured far from home this week due to the miserable weather so these bits are from the garden.

The snowdrops are starting to flower throughout the village, a lot earlier than usual. I love these simple beautiful flowers often the first of the year, this year the mild winter is tricking many blooms out early and we even have a rose in flower in the front garden!

Thank you all so much for your positive response to the nature table project and for taking part in Instagram and your own blogs. I'm overwhelmed that people feel as passionate as I do about bringing back the nature table, none more so than my online friend Emma Mitchell of Silver Pebble designs, whose Instagram flat lays of her nature finds are so beautiful and inspirational go take a look.

Here's to a fun year ahead discovering sharing and learning about nature and encouraging people to create their own nature tables, especially in schools and offices. Let's bring back the nature table!

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  1. I always remember having a nature table at school but now I work in schools and they just don't exist. I don't have children but I like to have bits of nature table in the house for me, so I love this new theme you're running (I'm not on instagram but I might tweet and use the nature table hashtag!) Are you going to write a weekly blog post of your finds? Are you aiming for a particular number of items per week or anything? I have collected anything to bring indoors since the winter solstice but I might just make an effort and reinstate my own nature table :)


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