Friday, 20 November 2015


This time every year without fail I crash. It coincides with the clocks changing, work being just mental and is always the busiest time to be a mum with parents' evenings, school concerts, nativity plays and Christmas to prepare for! Everyone else always says to me "I don't know how you do it?" but in truth I don't! My house is a mess, I am so lethargic that I practically hibernate and I eat my body weight in cake - I must be part hedgehog I think!

My Winter survival guide is simple,
  1. Get outside as much as possible even if it's for just a short time
  2. Take long baths using your favourite products, mine are Neal's Yard seaweed and arnica foaming bath, Weleda Lavender bath milk & REN Moroccan rose products (I always ask for these for my birthday/Christmas pressies)
  3. Don't try and do too much, learn to say 'no'
  4. Start planning for Christmas early so you don't get swept up in the panic buying and commercialism of it all
  5. Hibernate on the sofa with a good book, a game of cards or a movie
  6. Eat! It's the time of year for root vegetables so embrace your seasonal stew and soup recipes
  7. Buy next year's calendar and plan your spring and summer adventures, I love having things to look forward to especially holidays and camping trips
  8. Top up your vitamin C with those beautiful citrus fruits to keep your colds at bay or take rosehip syrup
After years of trying to do it all and never quite achieving it, my health and well being need to come first - gosh I almost sound grown up don't I?

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