Sunday, 27 September 2015


Ever since I read about the Kings Cross Swimming Pond I've wanted to visit. The pond is part natural swimming pond and part art installation at the heart of the rapidly changing Kings Cross, London. So today my lovely friend B and I took advantage one of the last sunny weekends of the year to go for a wild swim. 

A short walk from Kings Cross and St. Pancras Railway Stations the pond is nestled in-between building sites, blocks of student accommodation and trendy flats, with the tall city skyscrapers peeping from behind the cranes in the distance.

The pond has a natural reed bed filtration system, so the water is recycled naturally. It was a chilly 17° today, but the sun was shining and providing plenty of warmth once I inched my way very slowly in!

The plants around the pond were beautiful, the central pool is surrounded by wild flowers, grasses and bushes so that the landscape changes with the seasons. The pond is open until December 2016 and a new sauna will soon be installed providing warmth for those brave to visit over the Winter months. 

After a whole hour in the pond and having squeezed our cold damp bodies back into our clothes, we ventured to Granary Square to Caravan for brunch and to warm up. We had to wait a while to be seated amongst the trendy city types but it was worth it for the Caravan fry-up of sour dough toast, scrambled eggs, slow roasted tomatoes, field mushrooms and bacon, washed down with a huge pot of tea. 

It was lovely to go adventuring in the big city and the pond was just a joy to swim in, a hidden oasis in the bustling city. 

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  1. I was there recently too did you find the wildlife garden at Camley Street too - well worth a visit.


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