Saturday, 12 September 2015


Forgive a deluge of Instagram pics but I thought you'd like to see the changes I've been making around the house recently. On a complete whim we painted the kitchen cupboards in Annie Sloan 'graphite' chalk paint, they're really dark but I rather like them. I've strung some circus lights in front of the doors, inspired by a recent meal at Giffords Circus travelling restaurant.

My lovely Avery shop scales are broken so they are now the fruit bowl and sit by my shop cupboard.

I've added a new (old) desk to the lounge, I bought it from ebay and granddad sanded it and fixed the drawer.

I wasn't loving the Welsh dresser, which had become a dumping ground for all our family clutter, so after a quick de-clutter I've added some of our books from the lounge. I'm not 100% sure about it so am trying it out for the moment.

So that's a quick nosey round our ground floor, still loads to do and I haven't even begun on the muddle that's upstairs yet! 


  1. It looks fabulous. I know what you mean about the dresser, ours never looked tidy. I tried filling it with my cookery books but in the end I sold it and replaced with a school cupboard. Not always very tidy inside but at least no one can see it.

  2. Everything looks great Emma, thanks for sharing!

  3. You have a beautiful home, love the changes you've made :) xxx


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