Saturday, 26 September 2015


Oh my goodness this year has flown by, yet another year older and I'm starting to really notice the grey hairs and wrinkles! This is my annual tradition of writing a list of fun and aspirational things to do over the year ahead, my forty-one things to do before I'm forty-two! *wails*
  1. Walk through country lanes lined by cow parsley 
  2. Open an honesty stall or pop-up shop 
  3. Write a book 
  4. Go wild swimming at Dancing Ledge in Dorset 
  5. Enjoy a gourmet burger & Tunnock's milkshake! 
  6. Take the boys crabbing 
  7. Dine at the Towpath Cafe in Hackney
  8. Swim at sunrise on midsummers day
  9. Eat a croissant in France
  10. Take part in #30dayswild  
  11. Watch a film at the Electric Cinema in Portobello
  12. Camp in our bell tent 
  13. Runaway with the circus 
  14. Dust off my roller boots & go skating 
  15. Discover Wilton's Music Hall in London
  16. Make Stanley a whale
  17. Stay at 131 The Prom 
  18. Have a 'bring your own vinyl' party
  19. Dine at the Hidden Hut in Cornwall
  20. Learn to make cider
  21. Indulge with a REN detox wrap
  22. Take the boys horseriding 
  23. Grow a edible garden & plant a living tablecloth
  24. Enjoy some outdoor theatre 
  25. Lie in a wild flower meadow & look for butterflies
  26. Take photo's in the golden hour 
  27. Stay at Prussia Cove
  28. Make feather headdresses with the boys
  29. Hire a VW camper van for the weekend 
  30. Carve a wooden spoon
  31. Practice yoga & go to the Yoga Brunch Club 
  32. Go antique hunting in Bridport 
  33. Learn to cook with chilli 
  34. Make a gallery of mini scenes in matchboxes 
  35. Grow our own pumpkins to carve 
  36. Stay at this chic Paris Hotel
  37. Swim in the Kings Cross swimming pond ✓
  38. Make elderflower champagne
  39. Go on a jaunt in the countryside in a Morris Minor
  40. Bake a weekly loaf of bread #52loavesproject
  41. Holiday in a Danish beach house


  1. What a great collect of things to do - happy birthday Emma. 41 looks young to me and age doesn't matter when you're a fantastic woman 😉

  2. So how many of last year's 40 did you manage in the end? :-) Belated happy birthday wishes too. x

  3. If I were you I'd give The Rex in Berkhamsted a try too. It's been dubbed Britain's loveliest cinema and deservedly so. Enjoy the film by candlelight with a glass of wine and a hearty cheese platter. And the seats are the comfiest ever. Bliss!

  4. Happy Birthday! Just turned 41 at the end of August too & have so many dittos on my list. If you are off to the hidden hut I would also recommend Philleigh way cookery school (my brothers place with his brother-in-law). Also, just back from paris with my 9 year old daughter and Mum. We had a fabulous stay at The Hotel Fabric. Amazing hotel, fabulous staff and good value for money. Hope you enjoy working your way through the list x


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