Friday, 17 July 2015


Oh my goodness, I have been sent the ultimate summer beauty essential, REN's new Moroccan Rose Gold Glow Perfect Dry Oil from the gorgeous spa at the Montpellier Chapter Spa in Cheltenham. I think I may have found a whole new career as a REN product tester!

I have to be really careful what I put on my very dry eczema prone skin, especially fragranced products and I very rarely get my legs out as I am so self conscious about my skin. And to be quite frank I really just don't have the time for a beauty regime in my hectic life, so I must admit armed with all these excuses I did eye this up quite suspiciously on the bathroom shelf, assuming I was simply not glamorous for a product like this.

But the time came to try this product, which was really quick and easy to apply with a handy spray nozzle and the fragrance is just amazing. I wafted through the village yesterday evening having covered myself with the oil in fear that a swarm of bees may just follow me thinking I was a rose! The oil absorbed quickly and really nourished all my dry patches and leaving it with a healthy glow and boosting my confidence too, I even got my legs out!

This is a truly gorgeous product that I am now using religiously this summer, it really is a summer must-have. It would be great product to take on holiday and its beautiful packaging would make it a great gift too. It can be purchased from the Montpellier Chapter Spa for £26 and features in all of their expert massages.

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