Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Being the proud mother of three boys one of the things most important to me is that they grow up being friends. But sometimes this seems like ideology rather than reality! As they have grown older they have started to bicker and argue and it is as much as I can do as to not step in as a referee, especially when the three year old joins in!

Worse still is when they work together to get one over on their father or I - blaming each other for stealing the last biscuit for example!

But how can friendship be fostered, when tempers flare, especially in the summer holidays when they spend longer together?

Here's a few tips that I try to keep at the back of my mind to try and maintain a sense of calm;

1. Treat them fairly
Try to treat them all fairly, they constantly compare, whether it's food portion sizes or how much attention they receive from us!

2. Don't referee
I find it really hard when tempers flare not to step in and referee their arguments. Now they're older I try and let them resolve their issues on their own. 

3. Positive play
Encourage positive play and let them run off their energy, often the most arguments occur when they feel couped up, so no matter what the weather we try and get outside every day.

4. Feed their appetite
My boys have huge appetites and are constantly hungry, I am trying to reduce the amount of snacking and sugar content in our family diet as I'm sure this has an impact on behaviour.

5. Give them individual attention
They have different interests and personalities, we try and spend quality one-on-one time with each of them so they feel valued as individuals.

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