Thursday, 28 May 2015


This June The Wildlife Trusts are asking everyone to do something wild every day for 30 days and we have signed up to take part. I am passionate about this campaign, not just because it's my job, but because I'm a mum and believe that all children should have access to nature. I also know that as a family we don't spend as much time outdoors as I'd like and we all need to escape the lure of the screen!

When you sign up to take part, and over 5,000 people already have, you'll get emailed lots of ideas or 'random acts of wildness' throughout the month. Or you can find your local Wildlife Trust and take part in one of their events.

We've been planning our family's random acts of wildness and we're really looking forward to starting on Monday, please join us and share your 30 Days Wild, through blogging or on social media using #30dayswild It's not hard and nature is closer than you think, 93% of people living in England live within six miles of a Wildlife Trust nature reserve!

Here's our 'Bradshaw & Sons' list of what we're planning in June;

  1. start a nature table
  2. learn to make a grass whistle 
  3. eat breakfast outdoors and listen to the dawn chorus
  4. toast marshmallows on a campfire
  5. make animal silhouettes & a shadow theatre
  6. pick elderflowers to make champagne 
  7. visit a farm on Open Farm Sunday
  8. learn to whittle some wood
  9. sow some pumpkin seeds
  10. take some wildlife photographs
  11. lie in long grass and cloud spot
  12. make a daisy chain 
  13. make rafts to float down the river
  14. learn to identify star constellations
  15. make perfume with flower petals
  16. enjoy hedgerow cocktails 
  17. read a map
  18. have lunch outside 
  19. follow a path we've never followed before 
  20. go for a walk in the rain
  21. make midsummer crowns
  22. go for a wild swim
  23. eat peas straight from the pod
  24. look for animal tracks and make casts of the footprints
  25. climb a tree
  26. find some treasure - go geocaching
  27. go stream dipping
  28. find the great green bush cricket
  29. go strawberry picking and make jam
  30. do some wild guerilla art! 
p.s. I'm also super excited that one of my photographs (the main image above) has been used across the campaign! 


  1. Thanks for highlighting this... what a fab idea! I look forward to making time to do things after school/work

  2. A good list!

    I'm doing 30 days wild and have created a separate blog for it :) I've posted 3 'wild ideas' posts over half term to inspire myself and anyone who reads! Will look forward to seeing what you get up to!

  3. Some great ideas here. Sometimes it's the simple things that we forget about - such as eating a meal outside in the garden, getting up for sunrise, paddle in a stream. I'm taking part, will be interesting to see if I can get something done every day despite being stuck in an office with no windows most of the time!


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