Sunday, 22 February 2015


Follow Emma Bradshaw's board home on Pinterest.

As a family of hoarders our house is full of 'stuff' and it is really beginning to feel claustrophobic. I am drawing on my Pinterest inspiration boards to motivate me to have a proper spring clean once and for all and declutter for a simpler life.

I think I'm going to take it steady and aim to sort it out bit by bit, tackling one room at a time so as not to feel that it is such a massive task! I may even list some bits and bobs on here if I find anything worth selling. Please feel free to share any hints or tips that you may have or just give me the kick I need as I wasn't born with the 'tidy' gene!


  1. Snap! That is what we are doing too. I love your pinterest board and I have followed you for sometime now, great inspiration. I get very stressed by 'stuff' but I like beautiful things and can't help myself. I have just read stuffocation, a great read. Not a how to do it book but really interesting and thought provoking. Enjoy your spring clean.

  2. I bought an electronic copy (so no new book to find a place for on the shelf!) of the Marie Kondo book, The life changing magic of tidying'. It is slightly off the wall but the concept is to sort according to type (starting with clothes), leave all the emotional things to the end and to take each item in your hands and decide if you love it. If you do, keep- if you don't, throw! It's a translation of original Japanese so not quite suited to our society but is interesting reading and it taught me to fold my clothes so I now know exactly what I've got!


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