Wednesday, 21 January 2015


We've been wassailing again, such a fun local tradition. We lit torches and walked to a local orchard to bless the trees and banged saucepan lids and blew horns to scare off evil spirits. We hung bread on the branches of the king tree (the biggest in the orchard) this is for the robin, the guardian of the orchard and also where the tradition of toasting to ones health comes from too! The sprinkled cider on it, the encourage a good harvest for the year ahead. Years ago villagers that would take part in this tradition would blacken their faces so the village squire wouldn't recognise them as it was quite a bawdy affair.

So a Waes Hail to you and yours, here's to good health for the year ahead.


  1. It's a lovely tradition, one I meant to do this year but forgot about in the end. Let us hope it's a good year for apples. CJ xx

  2. Oh that sounds so fun and pagan!


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