Sunday, 16 November 2014


Each year I try and give thoughtful and meaningful gifts at Christmas as I can't stand all the commercialness and plastic tat! Here are some more experience-based ideas to inspire you this Christmas;

Every year we go ice-skating, it's our family tradition at Christmas and we love it. I have just bought these gorgeous ice skating cards by Stephanie Cole as I'd love to skate on a frozen pond like this! They would be a perfect gift for a family with gift voucher for ice-skating tucked inside, our nearest outdoor rink is Bath, but there are many others around the country that I'm sure would do gift vouchers.

I love these gorgeous Welsh blankets from Cold at Night, you can get them with a personalised label added and I'm thinking of pairing one up with a voucher for a weekend break for my husband at Fforest in Wales, where he can snuggle up in one warming his toes in front of the woodburning stove.

One of the highlights of my year was learning to bake bread with Tom Herbert, I can't recommend it enough, I learnt so much. Hobbs House run loads of different courses at their Chipping Sodbury based cookery school, where they share secrets, recipes and experience from five generations of bakers. If you don't live nearby then you can buy a small bread making kit for just £20 online, or take out a cake subscription where you get a different cake delivered each month from this award winning and family run bakery!

I adore this hedgehog stocking from Coral & Tusk you could easily personlise it too with a child's name on, obviously you'd need to gift it on Christmas Eve and I'd give this Hen & Hammock wooden sledge with it too for a fun-filled winter theme and cross my fingers for snow!

I always buy pyjamas for the boys at Christmas and just love these Hatley polar bear ones, you could pair them up with a WWF polar bear adoption for a wildlife loving child.

For my circus loving boy, I'm going to buy him some Giffords Circus tickets for later in the year as he loves it so much, along with a trapeze so he can practice his circus skills in the garden!

Last year we gave our friends some horse riding lessons, and are currently looking for new, inexpensive but beautiful ideas, I would love to hear all of your Christmas gift ideas.


  1. Wow - I envy your family & friends if those are the sort of gifts they are getting. Oh to have that kind of budget!

    1. These are ideas Corinna, sometimes we group together in our family to buy bigger more expensive things, quality over quantity always x

    2. That's a great idea Emma and one I wish we could adopt. Would make life a lot easier! :-)

  2. I love thoughtful presents, these are all so lovely Emma. I especially love that a lasting happy memory will be created too. My favourite kind of gift.

  3. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. These are really lovely ideas and all very thoughtful. I have been coveting welsh tapestry blankets for a few years now. Must start some kind of savings to eventually purchase one..either that or lots of subtle hints!!! My family clubbed together to buy me a cambridge satchel for one birthday a few years ago... I absolutely love it and it gets lots of positive comments. For my family this year I've been thinking magazine subscriptions, theatre tokens and book tokens...a bit old hat but they go down well!

  5. Gorgeous ideas, thank you so much for introducing me to Cold at Night. Oh those blankets!
    I have, probably, the only 6 year old in the country who has not made a Christmas list. He says there is nothing he wants!


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