Friday, 22 August 2014


When we were asked by Zizzi's Restaurant to discover their new kids bambini menu and the boys and I were really excited.

Upon arrival at our nearest restaurant we were greeted by sheets of stickers and chefs hats to decorate with a pot of colourful crayons. The boys loved this the most as whilst they were thinking how to decorate the hats a small pot of carrot, cucumber and dough sticks were brought to the table and they started munching straight away. When the boys finished decorating their hats they were taken up to the chefs who then wore them for the evening, much to our delight.

The boys ordered the make-your-own pizzas, and two margarita pizzas promptly arrived with a small pot of ham, tomato and olives for them to decorate them. They then followed this with the Zizzi Bambini mini cones which came with a little pot of chocolate coated popping candy to decorate the ice cream with. I chose the rigatoni carbonara which was delicious with a mozerella and tomato salad followed by a chocolate melt.

To finish they enjoyed a chocacino, which were included in the kids bambini menu price of just £6.75.

The busy Zizzi's restaurant and open kitchen with huge pizza oven above. They are also running an online competition to win a free meal if you tag your pictures taken in the restaurant with #ZizziBambini which of course we had to do!

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