Monday, 4 August 2014


There's something magical about cooking on an open fire, we love it and always try and choose camp sites that allow real fires. I can't imagine having lived years ago and cooking all the time on a fire, but for a weekend we love planning and cooking our meals on a campfire and toasting marshmallows of course! 

We discovered some delicious local ingredients that inspired our feast of pork and apricot kebabs. 

We skewered chunks of pork and dried apricots, then drizzled them with honey, before putting them on the campfire to cook. 

We then served them with cous cous, humus and pitta bread - they were delicious! For pudding we tried something I've read about before - chocolate orange cakes, baked in an orange. 

You can take all the ingredients with you but I cheated by buying a cake mix for ease. You simply scoop out the oranges, make the chocolate cake mix and carefully fill the oranges - not too full as it rises. 

To cook them on the campfire, you wait for the fire to die down a little, wrap the oranges in silver foil and then place them in the embers for about half an hour. They smell amazing and taste delicious. 


  1. Wow! Those cakes look amazing! What a great idea x

  2. I miss the campsite! the smells, the colors, the contact with nature is a unique feeling!

  3. I've never heard of those cakes before but what a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful idea for a campfire cooking pudding!! xx

  5. I am definitely going to give this a go - also might have to pop out and buy some nice enamelware like yours before our next camping trip.


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