Wednesday, 28 May 2014


How to catch a green shore crab by Ted Bradshaw, age 8.
  1. First get a line like in the picture above and tie some bacon, and tie a heavy nut as a weight at the bottom so it sinks to the bottom. 
  2. Get a bucket and fill it up with sea water. 
  3. Find a spot to dangle your line from, where you can sit. 
  4. Throw your line into the water and wait patiently (for a long time!) for a crab to eat the bacon.
  5. When you feel a gentle tug, very very slowly, reel in the line with the crab biting the bacon, but don't bang it against the sides otherwise the crab will fall off! 
  6. When you've got the crab up, put it in your bucket of water so you can look at it more closely.
  7. Don't forget to set it free before you go home. 


  1. Great blog Ted! Sounds like you had a fun time crabbing :-) Look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future!

  2. I wouldn't have known about not banging them on the sides. Thanks for your advice Ted. Kat x

  3. Looks like great fun, thanks for the guide Ted, very well written x

  4. Top blog post. Good use of words and layout. Elinor aka Beachhutcook x

  5. And please set it free by lowering it into the water or letting it scuttle off: they have very delicate organs and dropping them will scramble their insides.


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