Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pyjama party

We were asked to review a pair of pyjamas for vintage inspired clothing designers Their Nibs. I hadn't heard of Their Nibs before, I must be really behind the times, as looking on their website they've been around since 2003! My middle son was sent a pair of Their Nibs sports two piece pyjamas, and he was delighted as he gets fed up of hand-me-downs from his older brother, so to have something new was really quite exciting! He suffers with eczema from time to time, especially at the moment, and gets quite hot and itchy in bed, so sometimes he just wears pants to bed! The pyjamas are lovely and soft and he loves them and worn them every night since they were sent almost a week ago, he told me he liked the cuffs as they keep the pyjamas in place when he wriggles in bed.

I personally like the print the best, I find it so difficult to find nice clothes for boys that both they and I like. They remind me of the old ladybird books I used to read as a child, but aren't too old fashioned that the boys turn their noses up. They wash beautifully too, which I have discovered after I found them to my horror in the swimming bag, having been taken for 'wearing clothes in the pool' swimming practice at school (why did I let him pack his own bag!) Of course he wanted to show off his new pyjamas, so they have survived a chlorine dip, which I wouldn't recommend. 

Thank you for sending us such beautiful pyjamas Their Nibs, now we know about you, we'll be certainly shopping with you again.

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