Sunday, 2 February 2014

Loaf number four - the tastiest yet!

I am absolutely loving baking a loaf of bread each week, and despite not having quite got it right yet (this weeks still hasn't risen and was a bit 'doughy' in the middle) it tasted delicious. We make it on a Friday evening, leave it to prove overnight and eat it together on a Saturday, hot from the oven. It is fast becoming a new family tradition that we look forward to.

This week our loaf was quite dense but with lashings of butter, sausages and tomato ketchup, it made the best sausage sandwiches!


  1. Well done! It takes practice to make perfect and even if not quite there is something wholly satisfying about eating bread you have made yourself isn't there? If you make it with your children have you thought of letting them make their initials or a mouse or other animal with some of the dough?

    1. oo yes the boys made a dragon last week they really enjoy baking x


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