Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn adventures

An autumn walk with the boys to discover a secret entrance to a tunnel. The portal (pictured below) is where the disused Thames and Severn Canal, disappears underground for over two miles.

The tunnel was open between 1789 and 1910 and doesn't have a towpath, the horses were led over the top and the barges were pushed through the tunnel by legging, two people would lie on the barge and use their legs to propel the barge. It would take over an hour to push it all the way through. Now the only users of the tunnel are colonies of rare bats; Barbastelle, Noctule, Soprano & Common Pipistrelle, Brown Long Eared, Whiskered, Lesser Horseshoe and Natterer's.

Next to the portal is the Tunnel House pub, a lovely pub hidden in the Cotswold Countryside and a perfect place to end up after a walk or bike ride. It is surrounded by the most beautiful ancient oak trees dressed in their autumnal acorn plumage. 

The pub is lovely, packed with vintage signs, open fires and the more traditional Cotswold pub decor of a stuffed animal or two!

Even better is the humongous grounds, bordered by woodland and with rope swings and a gypsy caravan to entertain the boys, perfect for a sunny autumnal day. 

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