Sunday, 17 March 2013

little details...

I've just made this banner for the baby's room by getting some of our favourite instagram pics printed out like poloroids! I'm addicted to Instagram, and some of my favourite memories of Stanley's first year have been captured quickly on my phone. The company I used to get these printed out is called Instapol and I found them very quick and easy to use, and great to actually get the Instagram pictures printed out too rather than just trapped in my phone.


  1. We did similar with a Polaroid camera. It was amazing, one picture a month, the first year in a child's life, such a change.

  2. Gorgeous idea. May have to do a version for a 5 year old -with pics that will undoubtedly be a lot shoddier than yours, but lots of enthusiasm!

  3. Hi, I've made my way here from other blog links and am really enjoying being here! I spent many a happy childhood summer hols in Pinfarthings and Stroud area, so lovely to see photos of the countryside (and to learn that the forest near Slad is saved!). Thanks for giving us a glimpse of this part of England.


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