Thursday, 7 June 2012

oo la la!

I'm captivated by all things French right now. Would you believe I have never been to France and dream of visiting Paris. I have it all planned, we would travel on the Eurostar departing from St. Pancras and stay in the Hotel Saint Andre des Arts after seeing it on Liivia's blog

I would wear red lipstick like Rachel Khoo from the Little Paris Kitchen (above) and buy baguettes and macaroons. We would visit the Rose Bakery, a creperie, a chocolate shop and watch the world go by, whilst sipping coffee at a Parisian Cafe

But in the meantime I can't get enough of these French bloggers with their gorgeous homes and children dressed in lovely linens running through meadows of wild flowers;
I think I might buy myself a 'teach yourself French' CD so I can learn the language in the car, as I really can't remember my school/uni lessons and have always wanted to speak another language.

and I need to start saving my pennies too of course to fund such fanciful daydreams, c'est la vie...


  1. there's something about the light and pace of France that is so enticing!
    we love it:
    you should peep at my beautiful friend Suzie's blog here >
    and you'll see what I mean x

  2. I love France, its been a few years since I've been though.


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