Wednesday, 16 May 2012

we're all going on a summer holiday...

I love holidays and can't wait for our next one this summer. We are returning to Cornwall, to stay in this gorgeous house, Wildwood, owned by the same company 'Forever Cornwall' who we rented the beach chalet (pictured above) from last year. I still dream of the beach chalet, the holiday was just so perfect, the chalet was beautifully furnished and the location on our favourite beach was amazing!

Forever Cornwall is a small, locally owned holiday company, with just a handful of beautifully renovated properties available for hire. Wildwood looks absolutely gorgeous and with a small baby I am quite looking forward to this standard of luxury in a holiday!

So are you going anywhere nice this year? 


  1. I'd love to visit Cornwall. This has been a dream of me for a long time.

    The chalet looks beautiful and comfortable!
    I'm sure you'll have a great holiday there :-)

    Sadly, we don't have any time to go on a holiday.

    Greetings Blackdog's Mistress ;-)

  2. Wildwood looks lovely and you're right, you need comfort and beautiful surroundings with such a little fella.
    We're off to St Ives tomorrow for a week then very excited as we're picking up our newly restored 1974 VW camper van into and bell tent to go alongside him when we get back - yay for holidays and a lovely warm summer stretching out in front of us!
    Hope your countdown to Cornwall isn't too long.

  3. Woow, I'm going to have to find out more about this place! We're off to Cornwall for our tenth wedding anniversary in 2 weeks time - for one night! Bit on an insane trip to our favourite part of North Cornwall for me and him but it should be great. Don't even care about the weather!

    Then later that week we're off as a family lugging our caravan down to Dorset to this lovely looking place for Jubilee week - yippe!

    You have a smashing time and enjoy introducing lovely Stanley to the sea with your other smashers. You deserve it!


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