Tuesday, 15 May 2012

strolls with Stanley...

We took the new little man for his first stroll in the baby carrier on Sunday. My friend has loaned us her bushbaby carrier, which Stanley fell asleep in straight away, so it must have met with his approval. I found it comfortable to wear too, especially as I am prone to back ache. 

I find it really important with a baby to get outside for fresh air every day. In these early days when the baby hasn't settled into a routine and I am tired due to waking and feeding in the night, it is sometimes an effort to get out of my pyjamas. But as soon as I get outside, I feel so much better, the cobwebs get blown away and I find the baby sleeps better too. I have read that fresh air and walking can help with post natal depression too, even if it takes us an age to even get out of the front door!


  1. Good one you for making the effort to get out in the fresh air each day! The woods you are walking through look magical. x

  2. Good for you Emma, must be good for you and all of your boys to be outside together. (what handsome chaps!)

    I had to get out every day, buggy or sling, just to get my head back in shape. Definitely did the trick.
    Take care

  3. Antonia Mullaly15 May 2012 at 20:50

    Stanley looks totally blissed out and I love his handknitted cardigan! Totally agree about getting out, my little one also loves the feeling of fresh air and doesn't even seem to mind when it starts to drizzle so he must be a proper Cornishman already ;-)

  4. Hi Emma, Congratulations on the birth of Stanley. Lovely, little lamb. Having experienced depression in the past, I always remember my Doctor's good advice, "Walk, walk and then walk some more." It truly works and doesn't cost a penny! I also thought perhaps you may be interested in this ... http://cheandfidel.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/sling-diaries-sakura-bloom-photo.html. Deborah


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