Monday, 28 May 2012

the perfect picnic spot...

I'm forever in search of the perfect picnic spot, and in this heatwave *summer?* we are currently having, we went in search of one near water. We found this glade next to a babbling brook, with a fallen oak tree over it, creating the most perfect bridge for climbing on. 

We tested the wee ones new chariot 'off road', a Nipper 360, kindly bought by the grandparents and it did really well. I was going to get a smaller McLaren pushchair that would take up less space in the car, but after trying to get my old pushchair with small wheels up a hill with Anna, I thought we might need something more sturdy for all of our adventures. 

It must be summer, as the boy's freckles have come out all over his nose! 

Time for eating picnic lunches on our enamel plates and running around without any shoes on. 

So where are your favourite picnic spots? 


  1. First of al:you are amazing and you have an amazing family and way of life! :-)
    I expecially love to have a pic-nic on the mountains here on the Alps, but I do love to pic-nic near the river with friends.
    I love pic-nic!! :-)

  2. That looks like a beautiful spot - I'd love to know where it is. Your pictures are lovely.

  3. oh Emma that looks gorgeous! I have lots of favourite picnic spots but mostly in Cornwall rather than closer to home in Bristol. You have inspire me to seek more out! Hope you are managing to get some sleep - it looks like you are managing 3 wondefully! x

  4. It looks idyllic! Summer perfection. I like to picnic anywhere by the sea, but I also love the random unplanned picnics we have in our local park when we just pop to the shop for pasties, sandwiches, drinks, and changing mats and cardigans double up as something to sit on!


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