Sunday, 11 March 2012

bunking off...

Is it spring yet? This weekend is glorious and with a list as long as my arm of things we need to do, ready for the impending arrival of baby number three in a few weeks, we have done what the Bradshaw's do best and bunked off the housework! 

So instead of washing all the baby clothes and scrubbing the kitchen floor yesterday, we went to our favourite pub for an afternoon on the sunny terrace with dominoes! It felt good. 

I have had a few bloggy problems, I think I was messing around with it a little to much late one night and managed to loose posts and pictures in the process. Not too many I think, but some of the little widget links that show a post, when you click on them, they don't go anywhere anymore! Oh well, the blog was due for a spring clean anyway, maybe I should delete all the old posts? 


  1. oh no please do not delete all your old blog posts!

  2. Please keep your old posts, I sometimes like to re-read them for inspiration at different times of the year!

  3. I too like a little lurk in your achives, please don't delete them!

  4. I'm with the others - don't delete them! I love looking through favourite blog's posts for ideas...and your blog is a favourite!


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