Monday, 30 January 2012

big families & beetroot brownies...

We had a really relaxed weekend and lovely Sunday lunch cooked for us by friends Nick and Savannah yesterday. I'm finding it really comforting to be surrounded by large families at the moment, as I have moments of self doubt at the prospect of being a good mother to three children. Savannah, who looks gorgeous all the time, had her third beautiful baby last November and casually cooked and served up Sunday roast for nine with the newest arrival contentedly snuggled inside a baby carrier! I'm sure things will be more hectic at chez Bradshaw with number three's arrival, and I will expect a round of applause when I get dressed in the morning, without even attempting cooking for nine! 

We took with us a batch of very chocolaty beetroot brownies, I've made these a few times before using this River Cottage Recipe, but this time followed a easier to make Riverford recipe, taken from their Riverford Farm Cook Book. The beetroot taste was far more subtle and they were very rich indeed, perfect warm with ice cream, cream or custard and definitely just for an occasional treat! 

Finally, I have found some cream that actually works on my horrible red itchy forehead, I don't know if it was the cold weather, eczema or pregnancy hormones but I had tried everything the last few weeks, eventually using Dr. Haushka's light rose day cream. It's very expensive but it worked in just a few days, so I thought I'd share my discovery with you in case you too were suffering from winter skin!  


  1. My wife loves beetroot I never in my life thought I would see beetroot brownies I am amazed!

    Nice Blog

  2. I absolutely love Dr Hauschka.


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