Friday, 16 September 2011

thank crunchie it's...


The Do Lectures are taking place at the moment, have you heard of them? I've been following them the past couple of years as they take place in one of my favourite parts of Wales. Check out the website and sign up for their newsletter for weekly inspiration. 

It's also national cupcake week! Just in case you needed an excuse, mine this week comes from Hobbs House Bakery, who get the frosting just right - you don't want too much on top! 

The new book from Mark and Sally Bailey of Bailey's Home and Garden, has just been published, it's called Handmade Home and looks fab - I think it may just end up in my shopping basket! 

I wish I lived a little closer to the 'secret tea cup' for the sticky buns and hedgerow jam event this weekend!

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