Saturday, 17 September 2011

Apple scrumping day...

This mornings horrible early downpours cleared and we were blessed with sunshine on our apple scrumping day. The kind owners of the most beautiful orchard let us pick some of their trees to make apple juice as part of our community apple day project.

The children used sticks to reach and knock down some of the high up fruit!

As well as traditional orchard varieties of apple tree, there were pear, medlar and quince tree's too, as well as plenty of blackberry brambles. Orchards are a rare habitat, and the trees support a wealth of wildlife from mistletoe, lichen and lesser spotted woodpeckers.

We ate a lunch time picnic whilst enjoying far reaching views across the valley.

We picked three trailer loads of apples, to wash, cut out any bruises, mash and then press, bottle and pasturise. The children helped but mainly played, enjoying their freedom by exploring the orchard and stream.

Here are just some of the bottles filled today, that will be on sale at Apple Day soon.


  1. Great blog, am really enjoying this! I like your Radio Flyer wagon too - got ours a couple of years ago, great for a couple of toddlers! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Beautiful photos as always, Emma!
    We have apples in our garden this year (we moved recently) so we haven't been out picking. I'm rather missing quinces, though.
    The bottled apple juice looks so good.


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