Sunday, 26 June 2011

shh don't tell the children...

but we have just returned from the lovely wedding of Sas to Ash. It was the most beautiful wedding, the bride looked simply amazing...

with an hourglass figure to die for! I just love the vintage brooch detailing on the back of the dress.

We didn't take the children as they wouldn't have been able to sit still and one of us would have been 'on duty' and not able to take advantage of the beautiful venue, The Old Bell in Hurley. And besides we treated ourselves to a nice room with a roll top bath, as we have never stayed in a hotel before, just the two of us!

The wedding photographers were the amazingly talented Pen (pictured below) and Cam of McKinley-Rogers Photography, whose photo's are just gorgeous

The weather was perfect, so we didn't need to borrow any of the hotels wellies!

and this morning after a hearty hotel breakfast, we joined the newlyweds on the grass for a picnic lunch, which the hotel make up for you to take on a walk or eat in their beautiful garden!

The weekend was also the second time all eight of our blog friends were together again after our retreat last year, with Lisa jetting in all the way from California with her beautiful daughter Marandah! The other seven of us (me, Leonie, Susannah, Sas, Jo, Penny, Megg) live in the UK but it seems so hard for us all to get together! It was so good to see them all again and meet their partners too, and to think, I wouldn't have met any of them if it wasn't for blogging!


  1. oh, I'm sorry I missed you yesterday - I didn't know you stayed around to picnic!

    so happy to see you again and glad you had such a lovely time.... wasn't it the most beautiful wedding and the perfect setting

  2. LOVE! the picnic was awesome - such a treat to hang out with you and pete.
    big smooches to you Em x


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