Sunday, 29 May 2011

elderflower picking...

found a glorious patch of oxeye daisies whilst foraging for elderflowers the other day, took lots of pictures from underneath them looking up at the blue sky. I took a load on film so I do hope they come out as the vignetting is potentially amazing, although it was quite windy, so big blur factor! There are more daisy pics on my flickr stream here

Obviously when lying in a sunny field taking pictures from under a daisy, it would be rude to not just lie and turn your face to the bright sunshine too! 

Oh we did manage to harvest two baskets of elderflowers too! 

Top tip to pick elderflowers: take a walking stick or umbrella with a crook handle, to reach and pull down those high elder branches. 


  1. Oh thats so funny! Great minds and all that...! I was thinking of doing the same with the widlflower meadow in the park. I have Cassia Beck print of ox eye daisies shot like this..I wanted to recreate my own! lou x

  2. and what will you do with the elderflowers, may i ask?

  3. O for sunshine and daisy, all we have is rain and cold, what will you do wiht the elderflowers?

  4. Love these elderflower pics! They express freedom and simplicity!


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