Friday, 11 March 2011

adventures of a country girl...

shopping at night

I remember years ago when I was 18, with a student card in my pocket, I would take myself off on little jaunts on the national express coach! I would always go to London as it was only £12 return and I would discover shops, museums and places that I would read about in glossy magazines! I would visit new and exciting shops with all my savings, and walk down streets I had heard of; Kings Road, Portobello Road or Camden High Street, then I would go and find a museum and I would just sit and absorb, the place, the architecture, the people and occasionally the exhibits! There was always a quiet corner in the V&A or the bustle of the Natural History Museums entrance hall, where I would climb to a high balcony and watch the excited children and the amazing dinosaur skeletons down below! 

peeping through shop windows

These days London just doesn't appeal, the hustle and bustle seems a bit to much for a girl from the Cotswolds and since having children I have the perfect reason to indulge the homebody that I am! But this week I had to go to the city for a few days for work, I put it to the back of my mind, relying on colleagues to book accommodation/travel etc. Despite my dread, I had a fab time, exploring places I had never been to before, and pressing my nose against the windows of shops long closed for the night! We had dinner of steak and ale pie's at The Albion Cafe, and stumbled across Labour and Wait, just as well for my purse strings that it was shut!

giant cookies

Maybe it's time to renew my excitement of exploring this huge city, and introduce my boys to some urban adventures!


  1. Now if I were you... and you aren't, but if I were you... I would stop deleting photographs and dedicate some time to showing your boys the city!!! We even went to London, with only five kids and half a world away, and had a total ball.. people watching and window shopping and wonderful history everywhere... go already!!! Dedicate a once a month trip and go... really... the imperial war museum, the natural history museum, covent garden... even the tower... you have to take them!!!

  2. I was lucky enough to be a student in London - and I well remember all the places you mention! Now my eldest has taken up the chain - first her grandparents were students there, then her mother and now Ella. As she dashes around with her film camera, excitedly reporting on one find after another - the memories come back thick and fast. I marvel at how quickly time passes - and how one generation passes on the baton to the next. Boo x

  3. we love east London: it's not at all scary and full of inspiring places:
    some for dreaming and some easy on the pocket:
    we particularly love looking our for new graffiti and art and colourful people when we are there:
    if you're lucky, you can see the pearly kings and queens in Brick Lane ^_^


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