Monday, 13 December 2010

a winter picnic...

Of our favourite things to do this time of year, is to have a picnic. So many people think picnics are just for summer, but wrapped up warm on a sunny autumn or winter's day, often means you can have a beach to yourself! We pack up hot soup and sandwiches and a freshly baked cake to share and find a hill to climb, wood to walk in or deserted beach.

One of our family's favourite autumn/wintery soups is a very simple butternut squash soup, which I make roughly like this and easily fills the four of us... 

1 butternut squash
1 large onion
a knob of butter
milk or cream
vegetable stock

1. fry onion in a large deep pan with a little butter until it goes clear
2. add in butternut squash, chopped into cubes and add to this one pint of vegetable stock
3. cook until squash is soft, then away from the heat blend until smooth
4. bring back to a low heat and add in a little milk/cream to get your preferred consistency/creaminess 
5. season and add a teaspoon of paprika to taste


  1. I love your blog and I read it every day.I expecially like your pictures and your constant link with nature and wild :-)
    I live in the North of Italy and I love go out in the nature too, yesterday we went for a long long walk in the woods that are covered in snow this time of year, and had a pic-nic too on the top of the mountain,tha air was freezing but our sandwiches were so good :-)
    hugs Daniela

  2. Such a great idea! Think we may have to forgo our usual Wagamamas when we head to the beach next week...

  3. I love winter picnics and the beach is my favourite place to go. I find that without the distraction of the usual summer beach activities my children find the most amazing things and play such imaginative games.


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