Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas is...

a time to indulge! Today, I had a winter warming spa treatment, bought for me by my family for Christmas 2009! I know a year, why has it taken me a whole year to take advantage of this gift? Well, I thought I would save it for the right time, the right moment when I had enough time to steal myself away, without guilt! Unsurprisingly, this moment didn't arrive, until now! It was so lovely, especially as I still haven't shaken off the lurgy!

Christmas is also a time of receiving gifts, things that I would never justify buying for myself, things like these gorgeous Hush pyjamas, a pair of fingerless mittens, a good book and the beautiful needlecase, handmade by tiny happy (pictured above). Things like this I will covet. I do hope that you were spoiled as much as I have been this Christmas?

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