Monday, 29 November 2010

it's cold outside...

Snow is forecast overnight, brrrrrr, so we are staying warm by the fire, drinking tea from my new teapot! Winter has arrived in style!

I had squirreled away enough pennies to buy an iphone (it seems the whole world has one), but I couldn't ignore the brake warning light on the car dashboard any longer, so after a trip to the garage today I have spent my savings on new brake pads and discs as well as a few new tyres! Although the boiler, washing machine and freezer are also competing as to which is going to give up first! Sometimes I hate being a grown up.


  1. Ohh you really need that fire at the moment it really is freezing cold we are forcast snow here today im hoping its not coming although the boys would hope it does. Lovely cute teapot. I know what you mean about being a grownup its hard sometimes. Take care Dee x

  2. Gosh I hate being grown up too. Dishwasher and car battery both needed replacing - and boiler keeps threatening to be the next..... I ended up putting the iphone on contract. Every time you get near to saving the money for it, something horrid has to be paid for.... With the last iphone, when I traded up to the latest, o2 actually gave me £175 trade in - so with all the free mins etc I actually felt quids in!! Hope you get one soon. Boo x

  3. ooo Emma your home looks so cosy! Jealous! At work now, freezing with minimal heating.

    Yes I too hate being grown up most of the time!!! We've just had the tyres done on the car, gotta pay for nursery fees and have our mortgage re-arranged... hmpf.

    Nice cottage pot!
    Lou x

  4. Cold and very snowy for me today. My sympathies about the brakes! Dont you just hate paying for that type of thing when you have nothing nice to show for it!

  5. oh bugger. always the way isn't it. hopefully santa will treat you this Christmas x


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