Thursday, 30 September 2010

fossil hunting...

There are fabulous Jurassic cliffs near where we live, packed full of ammonites, crinoids and brachiopods. And there is nothing better after bad weather, than to visit the cliffs and see what has been washed down in a storm, to the scree at the bottom. Whilst we haven't quite found a dinosaur yet, we have found many 'devil's toe nails' to fill our pockets with! If you do visit cliffs and quarries you are advised to wear a hard hat, and never hammer or pick at a rock face.

There are many different places you can search for fossils, and different areas of the UK have different geology and fossils. Once you have found your fossil you can take it home, gently wash it with a toothbrush and identify it. This is a really great fun activity to do with children.

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  1. We are planning a fossil hunting trip this weekend too! Heading over to the east coast for ours and hoping all this rain will have unearthed some beauties on the beach. My son is dinosaur and fossil crazy at the moment so I hope we find something!


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