Monday, 27 September 2010

cinema under the stars...

To celebrate my birthday a few days ago, we had an outdoor cinema night in the garden, underneath the stars! After a small technology set back, and after our fab neighbours saved the day, we watched Laurel and Hardy and Carry On Doctor, projected on to a bed sheet screen!

We had pumpkin soup and hog roast rolls whilst we waited for the sun to set and the sky to get dark enough for us to see the screen - then we munched on popcorn, whilst sat in camping chairs all snuggled up with blankets! The best thing was using the wall, which is the back of our neighbours garage, which totally dominates our garden and I have always hated as it is so tall and blocks all the light after 4pm! Now it has a good use, I can see us doing this again, maybe even have a film club! The next film I want to watch is 'One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing' one of my all time childhood favourites. Although I may have to find a projector that works with my MacBook, does anyone have any recommendations?

More pictures of our makeshift projector stand, blankets and bed sheet screen on flickr!

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  1. what a groovy way to spend your birthday!
    when's the BBC getting a special viewing?

  2. AWESOME! That sounds like an amazingly fun way to spend your birthday, but what is a hog roast roll? I have never heard of it before!

  3. my sister just got married in chenies (near chalfont st. giles) and had a hog roast, and bunting! i love england -sigh- miss it so. this is wonderful. might have to try here in north carolina (our pool/club does this -- movies while floating!) in the summer.
    p.s. love the blog. lynn-anne

  4. You can go to the Apple store (do you have those?) and get an adaptor that will allow your Mac to work with non-Mac projectors. I've taken my Mac around to various venues to present workshops, and as long as I had my little adaptor cable, I was ok.

  5. you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and fun ideas

    what a great birthday evening

  6. oh happy happy birthday sweet Emma. We have a projector screen and projector in our lounge room. Fun times! x

  7. What a lovely way to spend your birthday. I'm a tad jealous what with my birthday being in the depths of December.


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