Wednesday, 21 July 2010

snail racing...

snail racing

I went into school yesterday to help out by doing a 'snail race' to celebrate the end of term and provide a fun way to finish the children's nature topic! We painted a circular piece of MDF and all of the children found and brought into school a snail from their garden! The snails were placed in the middle of the board and the first to the edge of the board was declared the winner!

It was really good fun, and afterwards all the snails were released unharmed into the school wildlife area, and the children were all rewarded with a snail shaped biscuit!

so much fun, but so tiring!


  1. i just want to know where you found a snail shaped biscuit cutter!

  2. me too ( my little monster would love it)

  3. wow! I have a bit of a phobia about snails and slugs so i wouldn't have been able to do that!
    Rosaleen ♥


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