Thursday, 29 July 2010

the perfect picnic...

we are having a picnic tomorrow and I am trying to think of some nice food ideas for our tea. I am very inspired by Nikole's 'Saturday Sandwich' series over at her fab blog Forty-Sixth at Grace, and just love the mini Yorkshires! And I have wanted to make the pan bagnat pictured above, for a little while, it just looks so impressive, although it has far too many green things in for a 4 and 7 year old to eat! One things for sure, potato salad will be on the menu, we have just harvested loads from our potato patch! What makes your picnic perfect?


  1. Try this recipe:

    One of our absolute favourite picnic treats!

  2. Hi Emma,

    This is my favourite picnic bread - and no greenery!

    Chorizo Picnic Bread

    If you do ever make it I'd love to see a photo of how it turns out, my photo skills are lacking and the last ones I took didn't even make it to my blog :(

    This method also works well with a sweet filling such as apple and blackcurrant.

    Have a great picnic.


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