Tuesday, 8 June 2010

wigwams and woodsmoke...

I don't believe in going on holiday to the same place more than once, as there are so many places I want to visit, but last week saw us return to Cornish Tipi Holidays.

I love Cornish Tipi Holidays, it is everything a camping holiday should be; camping, real fires, a beautiful campsite and lots of wildlife all set in gorgeous Cornwall. It is a place I wish I had discovered before we had children, as it would of been ridiculously romantic to stay in a tipi in a private site, underneath hawthorn blossom and to picnic on the pontoon in the middle of the lake.

The tipi's are spread around a large lake, some are grouped together in 'village' fields, perfect for camping in groups, whilst others are hidden in secluded clearings on their own. We choose the latter, which came with its own water standpipe, a fire pit and picnic bench.

I had forgotten how noisy it was, not from the usual campsite noise of car doors slamming (cars are kept off site here) and music in the shower block. But nature's noise of birdsong, bats clicking overhead and the rustling undergrowth. In fact, thats what you pay for here, you pay for a site thats stripped back of modern conveniences, here you chop your own wood, boil your own hot water and you can even fish for your own supper, a trout caught straight from the lake.

It was lovely to return, to go back to somewhere familiar, to greet the frog at dusk in the toilet and wonder whether it was the same one that I almost stepped on last year and the deer wandering up the lane. More tipi tales to follow and many more pictures to post!


  1. you have managed to make camping sound romantic! that is some feat :)

  2. Oh yes - that does sound romantic - and noisy - love that photo!!

  3. When ever you write about camping it makes me want to make a trip to the UK. It also reminds me how much I need to take my 6and 3 year old camping. Such a wonderful gift to give your kids. You're inspiring! Thanks!


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