Wednesday, 23 June 2010

home sweet home...

We have had our gorgeous bell tent for three years now and she has been on many adventures with us! I fell in love with bell tents after reading an interview with the authors of the fantastic 'The Happy Campers' book, and with two very small children, it was perfect, I loved the fact it wasn't too big and we would all sleep together.

But although our four metre diameter tent is big enough for our needs, I can't help sneaking back to the website where we bought her and looking enviously at the five metre deluxe version with the optional room inserts! Surely our boys are growing so fast, it won't be long until they crave their own space, or we crave ours? And have you seen the gorgeous 'glamping' accessories you can get - this handmade mattress, coir matting and cast iron dutch oven and tripod. Things have really moved on, in fact when we camped at the weekend, it was the first time we had seen another bell tent, we have always been the only one!

I am wondering whether with bell tents retaining a good resell value on ebay, we should sell and upgrade our second home?


  1. Wow! Those are some gorgeous tents!

  2. How wonderful are they!!!! Thank you so much for the link. We have been looking for the 'perfect tent' for a while and with six of us it has proved quite a challenge. BUT........ this looks perfect. Now for the hard bit.........convincing my husband that it really is the tent of my dreams.

    Kerry xxxx

  3. I thought the 7 Metre Emperors were better. They will garner you plenty of space.

  4. Those tents are wonderful! So much better that the plasticy 2-man one I've got!

    I'm presuming they're totally waterproof?

  5. Just flicking back through your old posts and spotted this - and am curious, did you upgrade in the end? I have the 5m ultimate, and adore it - in fact, on some evenings when we're all round the table playing games and the tea lights are sparkling, I wonder whether that's a bit on the small side!!! ( we have the room insert too. However the 'Emperor' Version just looks a little too large and with 2 poles, I'm not sure how quick and easy it would be to put up...

    Mind you, I love the idea of the Emperor, with the normal bell tent forming the extension off one end!! Possibly a little addicted....

    Boo x


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