Thursday, 27 May 2010

ice cream

I love ice-cream, do you? Especially proper ice-cream made locally, one of my absolute favourites is Roskilly's in Cornwall. Unfortunately most ice-cream sends my boys loopy and completely hyperactive, so ice-cream is quite a treat in our household! I am wondering whether it is worth buying an ice-cream maker, so we can make our own, there seems to be so many recipes about. Although the best I have had was the gelato served at Jamie's Italian restaurant ~ it has had me wanting to go back ever since!


  1. my first job was in an ice cream shop - i started off loving choclate, then moved to boysenberry and finished at plain old vanilla. one of our favourite things to do is head to the beach on a balmy summers night and get ice cream in waffle cones. Yum yum. your photos, as always, make me smile x

  2. local icecream is the best!
    our indigenous species is called Rossi's:
    they do a lemon sorbet in a cone and it's perfect when
    you fancy a change from vanilla ^_^

  3. we used to have an ice-cream maker and found that it's actually just as easy (and just as much fun) to make it without one, so don't let not having some fancy machine put you off trying...! i would say it's not worth buying one, just make it by hand.

    try it and you may i say....


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