Wednesday, 19 May 2010

from little seeds...

with all our seeds planted and lots more sunny days, our garden has sprung into life. Ted's peas all have shoots, the potatoes are really taking off and the runner beans are up to our knees! The boys water the plants, although seem to prefer using water pistols, a slightly unusual technique, but one that is a lot more fun - until they aim for the washing on the line, then they get chased away! If you have any little ones birthdays coming up, why not consider buying a watering can and some seeds as a present? They are really quite cheap to buy from garden centres, I like this yellow one for my littlest man.


  1. Your post brought back some memories. I can remember tiny watering cans. I loved helping my Dad in the garden and had a tiny plot of my own. I regularly planted, dug up and replanted yet things continued to grow. The joy was always derived from sharing the gardening with my Dad.

    Planted some seeds this week too. Hope yours do well.

  2. A few days ago, I asked you if you would send me some dandelion seeds.. Give me a present like this, my birthday is may 26 :)

    my e-mail:

    there I send you my adress,



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