Saturday, 17 April 2010

the girl next door...

We met a lovely little girl called Nora on our holiday. She gave the boys and I fistfuls of flowers from her garden, hellebores, daffodils, lemon balm, and rocket. The boys adored her, and it was lovely to see them form such a strong friendship so quickly - they were so upset to leave! We decorated the little cottage with the flowers during our holiday and rather than leave them, we have pressed them in our new flower press, so we can send them back to Nora in a few weeks time! I bought a large flower press, most childrens tend to be quite small and fiddly for small hands, and with two boys sharing, I thought it best to buy one slightly bigger to fit the whole flower in. We also bought a slightly smaller one to give as a gift with a book, The Flowers Festival by Elsa Beskow, to another little girl we know, who will be five this weekend.


  1. The pressed flowers will make a super reminder of the holiday. By the way I love your blog

  2. you do the coolest stuff

    so pleased you had a nice holiday

  3. oh emma...what a wonderful thing to do. sitting here reading your post it makes me think how very lovely life can be in the simplest of ways. i had one of those teeny presses as a girl and you've inspired me to seek out a bigger one...then in a few years time me and my own elsa can enjoy it together!

    glad your boys made a new friend on holiday. nora sounds thrilled she'll be to get your thoughtful gift! x

    ps. we have started to buy our baby girl books by elsa beskow...the sun egg is sitting in her nursery now and i must add the flower festival too!

  4. Don't you love Elsa Beskow! She inspires so much in my wee ones. Cheers.

  5. Oh, where did you get the flower press from? Dharma and I've been using books weighed down with bricks, which is not the best....

    Lovely idea sending the flowers back to the little girl...


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