Saturday, 24 April 2010

cowboys and indians...

little man's birthday party today, with a cowboys and indians theme. The play tipi was finished, after some late night sewing {method and pictures to follow when I get film developed}, a party in a beautiful woodland glade with sausages, corn on the cob and damper bread cooked on sticks over a campfire. The birthday cake, was campfire inspired, with a mini tipi and embroidered flags on top, inspired by this cake. Good friends to play with in the sunshine, wearing feathers in their hair. Happy days, tired feet and my little boy one year older!


  1. oh I want a party like that:
    wear feathers in my hair:
    painted stripes on my face:
    eat slices of tipi cake:
    what a fab Mama you are:
    those party memories will be remembered forever:
    the stuff of childhood revived:

  2. That sounds like the most perfect birthday party! I wouldn't mind having a party like that for grown ups too ;-)


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